Volume Collection (Texturized) MIXED

Volume Collection (Texturized) MIXED
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These are a must have for anyone who does volume lashing. The Volume Collection Texturized lashes are made of the same fabulous PBT product as our Signature Silk lashes.  The difference is in the tips of these lashes. Our design artists were commissioned with the challenge of placing lashes onto a strip that would fan as nicely as our Volume Collection, but would have multiple lengths in the same tray. These lashes have been laid out so that even if you grab a fan of only two lashes, those lashes will be different lengths at the tips. This allows your Volume Lash Artistry to have a more organic, natural look to it, regardless of how much volume you choose to add. 

There are SIX combinations of lengths in each tray in the following sizes:

  • ONE ROW 5-7-9
  • ONE ROW 6-8-10
  • FOUR ROWS 7-9-11
  • FOUR ROWS 8-10-12
  • THREE ROWS 9-11-13
  • THREE ROWS 10-12-14

The rows are in the format of 5-7-9-5-7-9-5-7-9 etc.



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